3 Day Hosted Personal Detox & Health Retreat

3 days, 2 nights
Private accommodation.
Liquid Nutrition.
Alignment Coaching.
No wifi or electronics.
Creative sanctuary. 
By application.
Personalised retreat.



Retreats are hosted on private property on the east coast of NSW. 4-5 hr drive from Sydney.

Each retreat day has its own pattern, all days include rest, nourishment of your body with fresh picked veggies, personalised homemade foods and your own nourishing-detox protocol from my product range, you receive a personalised herbal formula, also meditation, creative activities, nature immersion, detoxification from outside world, detoxification of your tissues, breathing, steaming, plunging, nature walking, hot stone massage, physical training (available in the private gym), and there is private time (supported by no wifi access)…each retreat is tweaked and tailored to your unique needs around this basic daily pattern, in prior consultation with you!

This is not a luxury getaway, this is a detox and health immersive, personally guided and hosted by the one and only triple world champion and champion for health Amanda Allen! 


Please email your request for further information, availability, schedules and bookings.

$1800 Singles
$2400 Couples 



Retreat 2015 was a balance of down time, training, wonderful nutrition and recovery. A chance to open up and be vulnerable,  share your fears and dreams and a chance to connect with other like minded amazing women! It truly is up there with one of the most amazing things I've done! (and I've done lots of amazing things!!!!)
I will never forget this time and I think your calm but badass nature, your way with words, your ability to express yourself, your ability to bring out the best in others, your down to earth nature, your beautiful puppies, the fact you walk your talk and are the most amazingly beautiful Amazonian Wild Woman I know that can make others feel the same, there is absolutely nothing I would change!!” ❤💗💖💞👄💋

I love you to pieces Amanda. Not only Amanda Allen the World Crossfit champ but Amanda the beautiful gorgeous & generous soul that you are. You are an extraordinary & powerful woman. I thank you so much for all that you have taught me &  brought to my life. Driving home from the airport last night I came to realisation how much the week away has impacted my life. I know now that I will be living a fuller richer life thanks to spending a week away with you & the wild woman. I am learning. THANK YOU💕💕💕

I'm struggling to find the words to effectively let you know the gratitude and appreciation I feel about this trip.  It's been a fucking blast! But also its been really serious for me and I'm quite excited by the opportunities you've helped me to realize exist.  Whilst I think you're medals are uber cool and you utterly deserve massive congratulations... I truly believe that the commitment that you have given to us this week is just as impressive.  Helping fellow humans to have hope is probably the coolest and most valuable thing you could ever do! I've seen this happen with a lot of us. I feel light and happy and extremely grateful for all your wisdom and guidance and all of the fun.  So thankyou from all of me and my spirits my zen thing and aham and chaffed lips... Have a lovely restful journey back and keep smiling your smile is amazing, if you ever lose it I'll always be around for you, anytime any place!! 😘❤️‼️

Amanda,  I just want to thank you for such an amazing time, experience and journey!  You are my absolute idol! I love your values, beliefs, the confidence you have in yourself and how much you offer you honeybadgers ❤
Thanks so much again for everything you do, Beautiful Wild Warrior Woman ❤❤❤ love
Beautiful Beastess

Truly one of the best experiences of my life! Your an amazing person Amanda and it was a privilege and an honour to share the raw beauty of your love with everyone there. Love and miss you all!!
#bigpieholehugsandkisses 😍❤

What an amazing week thank you Amanda it was golden and awesome. You are right something that we will all never forget still can't get over how we all just clicked. Much love WW warrior princess 'insert howl here' ☺️

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