Coaching Amanda Allen

Health & Lifestyle Design

A transformative health journey. One of the most popular and powerful processes that optimises your life and sets you firmly on the path to reaching your fullest potential. Amanda works closely with clients to strategically review health, habits, patterns, nutrition and goals to develop powerful and simple action plans...time to reach the stars, no more guessing, no more time wasting, master your health and life with a proven mentor. 

Performance Coaching

Got physical goals? Time to learn from a proven performance leader. Individual coaching is designed for people and athletes of any virtually sport at any level. Triathlon, Crossfit, Running, Swimming, Cycling, Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics programming designed for your unique requirements. A multiple state, national and world champion across 5 sports. Amanda knows how to fast track the development and mastery of your performance.

Nutrition Therapy

Want to lose extra kilos, build muscle, fuel endurance or power sports? Suffering IBS, lack of energy, food addictions or fear around food? Want to optimise body composition or address inflammation and premature signs of ageing! Want to turn back the hands of time!? Better fuel your athletic pursuits and performance? This is Amanda’s area passion and expertise.