PAIN RELIEF - HEMP & EMU with Turmeric & Peppermint


HEMP & EMU with Turmeric & Peppermint 

Powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, health enhancing, immune boosting, pain relieving, healing oils.

Can help with chronic pain, arthritis, inflammation, body soreness, DOMS, back aches, IBS/PMT, stomach cramps, joint soreness, muscle aches, fibromyalgia, hot flashes, injury recovery, low energy and lethargy. Can be taken topically or orally.

100% Natural, Cold Pressed, Full Spectrum, NO THC, Handmade in Australia with Unicorn Love.


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Hemp & Emu Oil

This oil helps to reduce pain and inflammation in my knee


This oil is magic in a bottle!!. I have fibromyalgia and haven't been able to do basic things like cook etc for about 3 years. I have done a lot of research over those three years and thought nothing would help. But one night I was browsing on Google for anything to help with pain etc, I came across Amanda's oil's. I read about it and thought "Why not". Am I ever so glad I did !!. After only two weeks of taking the oil I was able to stand and prepare a meal without pain!!. I was so happy that I cried !!. As the days went on it only got better!!. I am now able to move without pain, I'm able to travel without pain and the simple tasks at home eg vaccuming, cooking and even sitting upright, I am now finding that I have little to no pain !!. This oil is a miracle in a bottle and I am so grateful to have found it, so much so that I recommend it to everyone. I'm onto my second bottle now and I will be a regular customer. Thank you so much for this oil !! 💜