• 2015 The End

    January 1, 2016

    The AA Way – Adventure & Authenticity

    The End of 2015.

    It has been a tumultuous, challenging, rewarding and unexpected year of change, achievement, depression, a whole lot of vulnerability, and with it, a whole lot of personal expansion and deepening compassion and understanding – for myself and others.

    I know now that I love the people in my life more than I ever imagined possible. I know that after darkness comes precious light, and that depression is a gift of acute sensitivity. I know that the only things that truly matter are puppies, family, friends, integrity, respect, authenticity, trees, bees and self-love! I know that CrossFit isn’t the centre of the universe and that I still love it in my life. I know that women are manifesting powerful positive change in their lives and the world and I want to be a part of that revolution. I know that my best decisions are dictated by my heart. I know that routine, combined with creativity and hard work beats every other system for achieving anything. I know that floating is physical healing and soul nourishment. I know that people are strange and that there is no ‘normal’, and that we’re all a bit damaged and doing our best. I know that the things about me that caused pain in the past now inspire, inform and define me in the present. I know that like attracts like and that life is a paradox of contradictions and beauty. I know that I don’t know what my future holds. I know that using the word “no” , when I mean “no”, can change my life for the better. I know that stress kills passion, people and potential. I know that giving back often gives more back than originally given. I know that my 3rd place at the CrossFit Games this year was my greatest achievement yet. I know that others suffer and struggle too, we are never alone. I know I only get one life, and I choose to live it wholeheartedly, with my best integrity, honesty, passion and courage. I know that I am not a bottomless pit of energy, and that I must protect my balance to live to my fullest potential. I know that possibilities are endless and dreams are powerful.

    In 2016 I plan to run 1200km in June for ‘Run for MI Life’, raising awareness for the issues of suicide and depression. I don’t know how I’ll manage, but I will turn up and keep turning up – the only solution I have for anything really. I plan to qualify for Masters Games again. I plan to host my at-home-training-retreats, and more retreats in Hawaii, Bali and Byron. I plan to spend every waking moment with my beloved puppies Pepper & Ishka. I plan to settle into an uplifting new routine and embrace my new life, in my gorgeous new home…my roots are down and it feels so reassuring and peaceful. I plan to give and receive love and support. I plan to expand my horizons, trust my heart and give thanks to all my loved ones – near and far.

    I have so much to be grateful for. FAFSISTAS, Mary, Mareike, Jenny, Lisa, Fran, Lynn McT, Airlie, Rosie, Ash, Lauren, Max, James, Tom, my Santos crew, my Mum and my Dad, my dear crazy family, my precious sponsors who I honestly adore, my fellow athletes, clients and a world of loving supporters! Sending you all love!

    Now I plan to sleep – the fireworks are going crazy, Pepper is terrified, Ishka is asleep on the lounge and I am ready to say goodbye to 2015…I can’t wait to see what’s coming in 2016! 󾍛🏻🙃󾭞󾬖

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    2 x world champion


    August 6, 2013


    2013 & 2014 CrossFit Games Masters Champion (40-44)
    44year-old Amanda is an Aussie CrossFit sen-bloody-sation! She is the back-to-back Crossfit Games Masters Champion (2013 & 2014). Finishing 19th in the world at the 2011 CrossFit Games as an Individual Female -after only 6months in the sport – and at 41 years of age. She is also a former State & National level Triathlete, Cyclist & Canoeist.

    Amanda is a passionate and inspiring Coach, Speaker and Writer on all things health and performance related – her battles with depression, food and alcohol abuse are the foundation of her strength – bringing a gritty honesty, awareness and understanding to her style of coaching.

    Amanda is also a Level 1 CrossFit Coach, Level 2 Chek Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Level 1 Holistic Psychologist, Level 1 Yoga Teacher, with a Diploma of Massage and a Bachelor of Management from the University of South Australia.

    She has released 2 (downloadable) books: ‘The Time of my Life’ and ‘Eat Perform Win!’

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    Facebook: Amanda Allen Crossfit Athlete
    Instagram: Amanda Crossfit Allen
    Twitter: AmandaAllen101

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    Sporting History:

    2014 National Pro Grid League, Philly Founders
    1st, 2014 CrossFit Games (Masters 40-44)
    4th, 2014 Australian Crossfit Regionals
    1st, 2014 Worldwide Crossfit Open (40-44)
    5th, 2014 Australian Crossfit Open
    53rd, 2014 Worldwide Crossfit Open
    1st, 2013 CrossFit Games (Masters 40-44)
    5th, 2013 Australian Crossfit Regionals
    1st, 2013 Worldwide Crossfit Open (40-44)
    5th, 2013 Australian Crossfit Open
    11th, 2013 Worldwide Crossfit Open
    4th, 2012 Australian Crossfit Regionals
    4th, 2012 Australian Crossfit Open
    49th, 2012 Worldwide Crossfit Open
    19th, 2011 Crossfit Games (Individual)
    3rd, 2011 Australian Crossfit Regionals
    24, 2011 Australian Crossfit Open
    492, 2011 Worldwide Crossfit Open
    1st, 2011 SA C1 200m Canoeing Champs
    1st 2011 Australian C2 200m Canoeing Champs
    2nd, 2011 Australian C1 200m Canoeing Champs
    1998 State, National, World Triathlon Titles (25-29)
    2002 State, National Cycling Titles (Track Tandem)
    2002 Qualified for Paralympics – Track Tandem