About Amanda Allen

Amanda Allen is a Champion for Health, a Voice for Overcoming, an Example of Resilience and Grace...a Powerful Woman with a Passion for Healing and a Love of the Human Spirit.

A Triple CrossFit World Champion, who Ran 1000kms for Mental Health  (with her Wolves!)

The Author of 9 books including ‘Eat Perform Win’, ‘The Time of My Life’ and ‘The Last Unicorn’.

Creator of the revolutionary, health regenerative, 9 Day Detox Ritual. 

Her Podcast, ‘Whispers with Women’ explores the Patterns of Health and the quiet connective Power and Wisdom of Women.

Creator of 'The Story Process', an Intuitive  Creative Healing Journey that breathes life into the Power of Personal Mythology, Creative Self-Healing and Health Manifesting Techniques. Conducted in Teepees on the land across Australia.
As always, you can’t beat Amanda for raw honesty, inspiration, humour and lessons in resilience and grace.” 
Lisa Hetherington, Coach, Gym Owner 
“To me you are the CrossFit queen. You are my idol. I draw confidence from your words. Your relentless pursuit of the truth in life and training is refreshing and such an inspiration. It is raw and it is painful and it is beautiful at the same time.”
Nicole Abbott, Crossfit Games Athlete, Mother, USA
Amanda has amassed a diverse range of passions, experiences and achievements:  

  • Bachelor of Management, Operations & Logistics
  • Gym Owner, Crossfit Byron Bay
  • State, National, World Champion Triathlete
  • State, National Champion, Tandem Track Cycling (Para)
  • Paralympic Track Cyclist, qualifier
  • State, National Champion, High Kneeling Canoeing
  • State Champion, Cross Country Mountain Biking
  • Firefighter Recruit, SAMFS (fire is hot!)
  • Blues Award for Sport 1994, Uni South Australia
  • Young Achiever of the Year Award 1995,  Environment
  • Australasian Grape Spitting Champion, Barossa (yup!)
  • Event Manager & Wine Marketer, Cape Menetelle
  • 2 Fibroid Surgeries, 30cm vertical incision (pelvis to diaphragm)
  • Sober Alcoholic, 16 years
  • Cert IV Personal Trainer, 15 years
  • Diploma Massage 
  • Cert IV Hatha Yoga Teacher
  • Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Level 2
  • CrossFit Coach, Level 2
  • Reiki, Level 1
  • Live High Train Low, Altitude Training Camp, Hawaii
  • Committed ‘Isolation Tank’ Floater and Infrared Sauna user
  • Devoted Mother of White Wolves Ishka & Lobo