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Fit AF Hardcore Endurance WODS are not for the faint hearted. They represent a brand of confronting, long-ass, gruelling-as-hell, mad-capped and insanely-fun workouts that simply have to be done JUST BECAUSE.
At 47 years of age I can and have done them…all. Insane endurance has been the foundation of my success. WELCOME TO my version of Fit As F*ckness! If, during your day-to-day workouts, you are not wondering “why am I f*cking doing this” or “can I even
finish this FAFn hell?” then you’re probably not enduring…FAF HCE-WODS are here to spruce-up your training life and put the HARDCORE back into you ENDURANCE fitness.
DO NOT cherry-pick these WODs. I recommend that you pick one day of the week and dedicate it to a FAF HARDCORE ENDURANCE WOD. Start at #1, and each week do the next WOD. Get a bunch of crazy friends together to share in the mayhem. The only excuse for skipping a WOD is if you have legitimately done a tonne of that movement the day or two before…there’s a difference between STUPID and HARDCORE…’nuf said!
There are 28 totally badass workouts waiting here for you….so, you have 28 weeks of FIT AS F*CK HARDCORE ENDURANCE training ahead, keep your records and once you have reached #28, go back and begin again at #1, you will be astounded by your progress…your friends will comment on how hardcore you’ve become…it’s FAFn guaranteed!
One last word of advice…to be hardcore means immersing yourself in some hardcore dedicated recovery practices, so your body actually adapts to the hardcore training…instead of breaking down!
You should be a little scared, and you have to be a whole-lot-fearless to see these 28 WODS through!