intuitive medicine

Our most popular and affordable detox option!

Zeolite * Charcoal  
Zinc * Vitamin C * Dandelion

Detoxification Powder


60-90 day supply. Highly effective. Natural, pure, safe, volcanic zeolite powder synergistically combined with organic black coconut charcoal creates a powerful trap for removing heavy metals, toxins, environmental pollutants from the body, tissues and organs of the body. Zinc, Vitamin C and Dandelion boost the immune and support the body’s detoxification processes. The best news is that this formula is a powerful weight loss tool. If you have struggled to move stubborn fat, bloating, fluid retention or you need to strip fat for competition, this is the game changing formula you never knew existed. 


Maintenance Detox- Take 1 teaspoon in the morning, repeat daily, until finished approximately 60 days. This is the perfect and most affordable way to maintain your detoxification process for life. We highly recommend this as the optimal way to stay healthy and clean for the rest of your days.

Microdose Detox- 1/2 teaspoon in water, anytime your intuition guides you. We love allowing intuition to guide our dosage. Self guidance is inspired wisdom. Sometimes you have more, sometimes you have less. Your body knows. 

NOTE: Increase daily hydration to 2ltrs of quality water/day to support detoxIfication process. We recommend adding 1 tablespoon of our ‘GREEN GODDESS’ Supergreens & Collagen formula to support your Detoxification process.
To continue and enhance ‘microdosing your detox’ we suggest our 'SUPER ZEO DETOX’ daily superfood & detox scoop in one. 


Naturally handmade, small batch, intuitive medicine.

Customer Reviews

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I love Amanda’s spirit

I bought this product based on Amanda’s experience that I have been watching through social media. I didn’t like the taste at first, but my belly bloat has decreased. So I’m continuing on with taking this product daily. I can’t wait to see what happens in 60 days.

Zeo Body Detox for Perimenopause

I have tried two (2) other Zeolite products prior to this one, with great success, but none matches the benefit of this Zeo Body Detox. I have made it my routine to take this product first thing in the AM. As a perimenopausal, 47 year old woman, I understand that I have 47 years of toxins in my temple. From the foods I've eaten over the years, the drinking, smoking, polluted air quality (especially where I grew up in Indiana), looking back, I've lived a pretty toxic lifestyle. Hindsight it 20/20 right? And now, as I enter this new phase of my life, I've got toxic bad estrogen at dangerously high levels, which has shown itself to me as belly fat, constipation, sore breasts prior to my cycle, bloating all the time, & painful periods to name a few things. After taking Zeo Body Detox for the past month, I have almost NO PMS symptoms, bowel movements daily - sometimes more than one, easy periods, & great energy. During Perimenopause, if you aren't pooping daily, you're hanging on to toxic hormones. The product is flavorless, so if you are worried about that, don't be - the product is liquid gold. It's so simple to take! I would highly recommend this product to everyone, but especially perimenopausal women who are struggling with the symptoms of perimenopause. I refuse to believe that it's normal to suffer with perimenopausal symptoms & for anyone to tell you it's normal is completely wrong. Pain & suffering is no way to live a vibrant life. Zeo Body Detox is gonna help you get back to a happy, healthy life. Peace Love & Joy to anyone reading this & to Amanda as well, for creating a product made with Love.

Beautiful product with amazing results

Initially took this to do a short detox as I'd been feeling sluggish & flat & no matter my diet & exercise I felt 'puffy' & like I was putting on an extra layer that wouldn't budge. I'm 42 so thought this was just what happens as you get older & hormones change. I've been taking this daily for a couple of months now as it made me feel great within a week. I've definitely lost weight (I'm not a scales or selfie kinda person but all my pants are loose) but more importantly I have my old energy levels back, feel cleaner & like I'm thinking more clearly. I've never been much of a believer in 'detoxing' as I figured the body would do that itself but I am converted. I expected it to taste awful but it's actually a really neutral flavour & easy to drink. A beautiful product thanks Amanda :-)

Zeo body detox

I love this magical goodness from the earth. I have been taking it now for over a month and it is a very important part of my daily ritual. It gently detoxed my body physically where I lost a good amount of weight. I continue to take it daily as it continues to slowly cleanse my body physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Just have got it.

Only took it two days so far. It taste really good. I was expecting it to taste kinda dull and harsh