Bulletproof Shoulders with Amanda Crossfit Allen - E-Book

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Done consistently, my 28 day Bulletproof Shoulders program will take your gymnastics skills, shoulder strength and endurance to entirely new levels. I’m no natural, I’ve had to earn everything I have. I’m guessing the same will be true for you!

I’m no gymnast. I’m no scientist. I’ve earned my skills and strength one painstaking hour at a time. I’ve spent hundreds of hours alone in the dark recesses of a gym, learning and striving to turn my weaknesses into strengths.

I give you here, what I’ve learned over nearly 10 years of trial, error, effort, failure, success and consistency. I’ve taken the essence and distilled it here for you, to fast track your progress. To build you some badass bulletproof shoulders.

Start from day one. You can do one program each day if you are highly motivated and can find 30 minutes. If you need to you can choose to do one program every two to three days. So depending which cycle you go with you have either 1 month or 3 months of quality programming available to you. Once you have reached the end of the 28 days of programming, begin again from the start, witness your gains, make sure you track your progress.

This program is well balanced, so it will assist you in building a balanced strong shoulder girlde and upper body. However, if you feel any niggles, prolonged aches or sharp pains, please see a physio and address any underlying issues. You are 100% responsible for your progress. Do not let injury slow you down in the longer term; if you are carrying a niggle, denial will not resolve your problem...address it, fix it, and move on with your awesomeness.

I am beyond excited for  the progress available to you here.

Enjoy your journey, believe impossible things, believe in yourself and do the work to earn the results. Just like I have!

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