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Open Ready with Amanda Crossfit Allen - E-Book

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3 months of 6 days per week concentrated quality training in preparation for  your best Crossfit Open ever! 

Each day should take you around 90mins to complete. If you know you  perform better with 2 rest days per week please make Thursday and 
Sunday your active rest days.

Do not pick and choose workouts and days - just do the prescribed work  each day. Obviously wherever you need to scale please do. If that means  backing weight off, using bands, boxes, or adjusting movements due to injury please do so. 

Ideally I would like you to complete the full range of any prescribed  movement. For example if you can’t do body weight C2B pull-ups I’d  prefer you choose an appropriate band to use for that workout to enable  you to perform the full range C2B movement - don’t just go to Pull-ups. 

Similarly with HSUs I’d prefer you use 2 bands to allow you to do full range  movement, or simulate a full range HSPU using a piked position on a box rather than relying on 1 or more ab mats (which simply shorten the range of movement and don’t build full range strength to achieve speedy strength progresses). 

Be consistent. Be courageous. Have fun. The best is yet to come.